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The Kami Grayson Show

Meet Author & Creative Designer Ka'Mili Grayson

Miss. Ka'Mili Grayson is an Author, Playwright; Kami has spent several years employed in the business world in the field of marketing and promotional, child development, and broadcasting field for various companies and networks. Her work has been primarily in marketing and business development even though her college studies were focused on Business Administration, Music, Broadcasting, and Theater at TWU and Mountain View College, both in Dallas, Texas.

In the year 2000, Ka'Mili started her own business and served as an Artist development instructor and collaborated on several plays as an editor, and director, and then became a writer. She has continued to work through the years in addition to her regular employment.

Ka'Mili is also a Radio PodCast Hostess every Saturday at 11:00 am on SKST Radio Network.

Ka'Mili has dedicated her time and passion to helping and giving back to the community with the Special K's Special T's Foundation. (501 (c)3 organization established in 2012. Working with children now small businesses and other non-profits.

Ka'Mili's writing projects have included the publications of K'Mili Grayson's Little Book of Etiquette and Ka'Mili Grayson's You Wouldn't Know A Good Man If You Saw One.

Stage Productions works included You Wouldn't Know A Good Man If You Saw One!, Father Can You Hear Me? Razzamataz, PMS Chronicles. (Co-Authored)Click this text to start editing. This multi-element block is great for showcasing a particular feature or aspect of your business. It could be a signature product, a picture of your entire staff, an image of your physical location, etc. Double-click the image to customize it, edit the text, and choose a call-to-action for you button - what do you want people to do now?

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