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Our Studios


RECORD AT A PODCAST STUDIO who has you in mind.

Recording in a studio comes with many perks. There's

always staff around to help troubleshoot technical issues.

Many people don't realize that while recording, comfort

is key. Discomfort can hinder the quality of work you are

putting into the podcast.

With video podcasts, lighting is a key factor. When

looking for a podcast studio, it is key that they have lights

for the required purpose.

SKST Podcast Studios is The #1 Podcasting Solution. Easily Launch, Promote, Monetize and Livestream Your Podcast. Everything You Need For A Successful Podcast. No Difficult Technology To Learn. Just Fun Podcasting in a professional atmosphere.

SKST Radio Podcast Service

Booking Studio “A”

30 Mins Studio “A” (4 Mics, 4 Headphones)


60 Mins Studio “A” (4 Mics Head Phones & Camera)


Booking Studio “B”

60 Min Studio “B” (2 Mics Set Change)


30 Mins Studio “B” (2 Mics, Set Change)


Booking Studio “C” VIP Only

30 Mins Studio “C” VIP Only


60 Mins Studio “C” VIP Only


Book Engineers

30 Mins Private Engineer

30 Mins Private Engineer


60 Mins Private Engineer


Host Booking


DJ Booking


Music Production


Show Editing

Record with us

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